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Wilderness Systems: Professional Grade Kayaks for Fishing and More

Wilderness Systems is an award-winning kayak brand that specializes in making some of the best kayaks on the market today. They have received such awards as Manufacturer of the Year, and are the brand of choice for many professional anglers. Wilderness Systems dedicates themselves to producing extreme designs meant to cater to the needs of serious outdoor activity.


Wilderness Systems have recreation kayaks, touring kayaks, tandem kayaks and, their most-popular designs—fishing kayaks. This company is regarded as one of the best in the industry and is constantly innovating new technologies such as their Helix MD electric motor—the first electric motor built just for kayaks. Their dedication to quality materials, feature-rich designs, and innovative progression make Wilderness Systems one of the best kayak brands on the market today and produces many of the best fishing kayaks out there.

Innovative Design & Quality Manufacturing

Wilderness Systems offer such extensive features throughout there kayaks that it is hard to narrow down the most exciting without writing all day. They offer incredible seating options, very modular hardware installation methods, integrated hull designs, rotomolded & composite material options, and lifetime warranties for their products. If you aren’t able to find the features you’re looking for within the Wilderness Systems’ product catalog, chances are that you’ll be able to find them within their product accessory catalog—and then easily add them on. Below, you’ll find a brief overview of some of the most popular and innovative product features seen throughout Wilderness Systems kayaks.

Composite Hull Design

Many higher-end kayaks are made through a rotomolding manufacturing process which allows a lighter-weight design by eliminating much of the resin needed while making the hull. Wilderness Systems uses this method in many of their products, but also utilizes a type of composite materials called Ultralite, which is a blend of high-impact acrylic over ABS materials. This results in a light, stiff design that still retains the durability and cost of plastic designs. This design is often most-easily recognized by being much shinier than the typical matte-finish look of polyethylene materials.

AirPro Seating System

Seating can make all the difference in the overall experience of a kayak, especially for those planning on extended trips where much time will be spent paddling from a seated position. Wilderness Systems’ AirPro Max seating system offers a suspended seating design nestled around a durable tubed aluminum frame. These seats are highly adjustable, removable, and attach easily via accessory rail systems in most of the Wilderness Systems kayaks.

Helix MD Motor System

Anyone talking about innovation within the kayak market is sure to recognize the powerful design of the Helix MD Motor Drive system offered by Wilderness Systems. While in concept it may sound similar to a trolling motor—that couldn’t be farther from the truth! The Helix MD features a lithium-ion battery, and is capable of ranges of up to twenty miles! With max speeds of 6 mph from a motor weighing only  15 lbs, the Helix MD is a testament to the power of the Wilderness Systems engineering team. This motor is sold separately as an accessory—costing as much as many kayaks themselves—and is easily attached via rear-mount accessory rail systems. Innovative designs such as these have lead many to regard Wilderness Systems as producers of the best fishing kayaks on the market today.

SlideTrax Accessory Rail System

Wilderness Systems has integrated a unique accessory rail system within many of the kayaks in their catalog, which allows for a very modular use of any available accessory. Rod holders, seating systems, the Helix MD motor system, footing pegs, and even electronics mounting hardware are able to be easily attached via the SlideTrax system. This ease of feature extension and ability to easily customize overall design have lead to a very well-received reception by serious and professional adventurers such as those found within the professional fishing community.

Hooded Storage Areas

Storage is always a great feature on any kayak, and further dedication to the support of carrying gear and supplies can help make a decent design great. Wilderness Systems has taken this thought to heart—providing hatch-covered storage options on many of their kayaks, as well as bungee cord systems to even further secure storage areas. A great example of how Wilderness Systems has taken the idea of kayak storage to a new level can be seen in the rectangular stern hatch system found on the A.T.A.K. Series of fishing kayaks. This hatch features excellent storage for larger items such as rods and batteries and also has a web of bungee cords on top for added support.

A.T.A.K. Fishing Kayak in Green
The A.T.A.K. Fishing Kayak from Wilderness Systems

Professional Grade Kayaks

Wilderness Systems has received countless awards for their innovative products, and accessories found throughout their line of unique kayaks. They have been awarded the Coolest Product of 2016Product Debut of the Year, and other such awards as the Kayak Angler’s Choice Award. To see a full listing of their product and brand awards, check out the news section of their website. What all these awards mean, ultimately, is that Wilderness Systems has dedicated themselves to producing the highest possible quality kayaks on the market, that is suited for professional use just as much as they are for non-professional use. By the integration of their accessory rail system, Wilderness Systems is able to offer these incredible designs at a very affordable price—allowing for those seeking more features to easily purchase extra components and add them on later. Simply put, these kayaks represent a very extensible line of products that are covered by lifetime warranties and are therefore thought by many to be some of the best kayaks for fishing available today. While Wilderness Systems has developed many excellent products over the years, below you’ll find a brief description of some of their more popular and best-reviewed products.

A.T.A.K 140 Fishing Kayak

A.T.A.K. Fishing Kayak
The A.T.A.K. Fishing Kayak

This A.T.A.K. fishing kayak from Wilderness Systems has been designed from the ground up to be both stealthy and efficient in catering to the needs of fishermen and professional anglers. Its sleek design allows for anyone to cut through waters with the greatest of ease, while still offering a very stable overall platform to accommodate standing movements—such as casting. This product features the AirPro Max seating system—Wilderness Systems top-of-the-line seating solution—which is arguably one of the most comfortable seating systems on the market today. Additionally, this product features the FlexPod OS electronics mounting console and accommodates the mounting of the HelixMD Motor Drive propulsion system as well. This fishing kayak is 14′ in length, 34″ in width, weighs 95 pounds, and has a maximum capacity of 550 pounds, and is considered by many to be the best fishing kayak for the money available on the market today.

Tarpon 1300x Fishing Kayak


Tarpon 103x fishing kayak
Tarpon 103x fishing kayak

The Tarpon 130x Fishing Kayak from Wilderness Systems is a slightly less-expensive version of the A.T.A.K. model, most notably different in overall length. The Tarpon 130x features the AirPro Lite seating system, Flex Pod OS for electronics mounting, and accommodates the use of the Helix MD Motor Drive propulsion system. This design cuts through the water with ease and provides an excellent platform to perform many standing actions such as casting for fishermen. The Tarpon 130x is 13′ in length, 32″ in width, weighs 72 pounds and has a maximum capacity of 375 pounds. Overall, this kayak offers a feature rich set for amateurs and professionals alike.


Tarpon 100 Adventure Kayak

Tarpon 100 Fishing Kayak
Tarpon 100 Fishing Kayak

The Tarpon 100 Fishing Kayak is another from the Tarpon family which features a high-manageable size ideal for those adventurers seeking maximum ease of transport. The Tarpon 100 includes a Phase 3 AirPro seating system, Keepers XL foot bracing system, comfort carry handles, self-bailing scupper holes, and the SlideTrax accessory rail system for additional feature expansion. This kayak comes with ample storage space as well, allowing for easy and protected access to three different storage areas. A bungee cable system and two sealed hatches ensure that nearly every storage need is met. This model is perfect for those looking to get out on the water with very little fuss—and can easily fit in the bed of a truck, and even inside some larger SUVs and vans. The Tarpon 100 is 10′ in length, 30″ in width, weighs 55 pounds and has a maximum capacity of 325 pounds. Overall, this kayak is an incredibly light-weight and easily-managed design perfectly suited for those seeking some water adventure. Its lifetime warranty allows buyer confidence, and the SlideTrax accessory system ensures that throughout the lifetime of this product, you will be able to expand it’s overall functionality to best suits your needs.

Where to Buy

Wilderness Systems kayaks are available from select local dealers and some larger retail stores. Additionally, they are sold online through several third-party vendors as well. For those seeking the best deal on price, buying directly through Amazon is likely to be the most economical route. You can visit the Wilderness Systems dealer locator page on their website to help find a local shop that may have some models available. Sometimes you can find these kayaks at outdoor stores such as Gander Mountain or Dick’s Sporting Goods—though you’ll be stuck choosing from whatever they have on hand.

Final Thoughts

Wilderness Systems offers a tremendous amount of features, which can be added onto nearly every product they make with the SlideTrax rail system. Coupled with the lifetime warranty offered for their products, there are few other kayak brands on the market today that can compete with Wilderness Systems. A fishing kayak is no small purchase and it can pay off bigtime to shop online. For those already decided on a specific model, the best bet is to shop around online until you find the best price. Amazon is usually the best bet.

Wilderness Systems: Professional Grade Kayaks for Fishing and More
Wilderness Systems offers some of the most innovative kayak designs on the market today, served by one of the most powerful warranties. Their SlideTrax rail system allows an extreme degree of modularity among different models, and their fishing kayaks are used by professionals around the world.
Available on Amazon
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