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Recipe: Hot Apple Ginger Cider

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In summer, the sun’s warmth sets us free. We shed our heaviest layers and venture outdoors. We wander through forests, climb mountains, swim in salty waves and stay out late under the stars. When the weather is warm, the living is easy—and we’re free to go where we like.

As the seasons shift, however, and winter descends, these carefree days come to an abrupt end. Coldness and darkness surround us and we must bundle up if we want to roam. But while the cold weather might be limiting in some respects, it also brings us closer together. The pace of life slows down, allowing us to be more contemplative and present. Now is the time for comforting foods, warm drinks and good conversation. Indoors, we gravitate towards the warmth and comfort of the kitchen. Outdoors, we are drawn to the heat of a fire.

This is particularly true for late-season camping. During the summer it’s easy to feel overwhelmed by the range of possible activities, but now just hanging out around the campfire seems like a very attractive way to spend the afternoon. Especially if you’re cooking something tasty on the grill with a warming drink in hand.

On your next cold-weather campout, treat your friends and family to a simmering pot of fragrant apple cider. This particular recipe puts a twist on the classic version with the addition of freshly sliced ginger. Along with the cider’s warmth in temperature, the ginger offers the warmth of spice to keep you feeling toasty all night along.

So get ready to warm souls and brighten spirits around the crackling fire with mugs of this delicious Ginger Apple Cider:

  • 3 cups unfiltered apple juice
  • ½ apple, cut into slices
  • 1 ½” inch piece of ginger, very thinly sliced
  • 3 cinnamon sticks
  • 15 whole cloves

Add all the ingredients to a small pot or …

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