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Ocean Kayak: Fishing Gear for Serious Outdoorsmen

Ocean Kayak is a company dedicated to quality and feature-rich designs, while still catering to a larger crowd than just fisherman. They offer an extensive product line of tandem kayaks, women’s kayaks, stand up paddle boards, and also—a line of amazing fishing kayaks as well! This California-based kayak brand has evolved to meet the demands of adventurers worldwide through their development of advanced kayaks technologies.


As with several of the best fishing kayak brands on the market, Ocean Kayak evolves their designs year to year—upgrading to new technologies and new material designs. While all of their kayaks offers amazing design and durable materials, the most impressive display of features are those found in their lines of angler kayaks such as the Trident Angler, Tetra Angler, Malibu Angler, Caper Angler, and the Prowler Big Game II.

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Innovative Design Features

Fishermen are well known for their love of gear, and fishing kayaks often struggle to met their demand. Ocean Kayak has not only conquered this struggle, but paves the road of innovation on which many other brands eventually follow. Ocean Kayaks are among some of the best-selling kayaks on the market, as well as the most well-reviewed kayaks. Of the countless rave-reviews for these kayaks, most of them are focused around the following features:

Rotomolded Polyethylene Hulls

The most durable and lightweight kayaks usually have at least one thing in common—they have rotomolded hulls. Polyethylene materials in kayaks is pretty standard, but the resins used in manufacturing often add a considerable amount of weight. Rotomolded hulls are made using a specialized process which eliminates the bulk use of resin to bind together the polyethylene fibers—resulting in a much lighter-weight design. Even though these materials are much lighter in weight, they still possess the rugged durability and UV resistance of regular polyethylene.

Mod Pod

This feature on many Ocean Kayak products helps provide easy access for fishermen to store and manage gear. This feature comes standard on many models such as teh Trident Series and the Torque (2013 models), and is even able to be adapted for use in older models if purchased separately. This accessory mounts in the center of the fishing kayaks directly in front of the seating area. Many anglers choose to mount a rod holder, or even sometimes a fish-finder here.

Support Track Foot Brace System

Foot support is a very important factor in the stability of any kayak, and even more so if you are casting. The Support Track Foot Brace system allows for solid support while accommodating an adjustable positioning system. This allows every ocean Kayak to support varying body types more fully, as well as providing flexibility for varying conditional changes. These systems are also available separately and are known to be able to be fitted into almost any kayak.

Element Seating System

Most notably featured in the Prowler Big Game II fishing kayak, this revolutionary seating system is one the best-reviewed on the market today. This seating system provides multiple adjustment settings which accommodate different series of uses by the operator—such as long distance movements, quick maneuvering, and standing positions. This seating system uses a suspended fabric seat and back, which is supported by a rugged metal framing system for added structural support. Many professional fishermen describe the ease in which they are able to stay on the water for 8 hours+ without getting sore while using these seating systems.

Transducer Mounts

Most serious fishing kayaks come with accommodation for the use of fish finders—used by most serious anglers—and Ocean Kayaks are no exception. Ocean Kayaks use a series of scupper holes to help onboard drainage and have utilized this system to accommodate easy transducer mounting. In the bottom of models such as the Prowler Big Game II, there is a recessed cavity which is accessible from the top of the craft through a scupper hole. This allows easy management of connective wirfishfinderh finder display units and transducers.

Rudder Systems

Ocean Kayak has developed a novel rudder system that attaches to the rear of many models and provides a cable-controlled system of adding further steering support. These devices come with several of the Ocean Kayak models, such as the Trident series, and are available for separate purchase for many of the others. Noteworthy is that for many models later than 2013, compatibility is best ensured by purchasing the universal rudder kit.

Prowler Big Game II Fishing Kayak overhead view
Prowler Big Game II

Expansive Product Line

Ocean Kayak continues to develop their current product lines with yearly updates to most models, meaning that new and better features are available nearly every year. When searching for the best fishing kayak it is often recommended that you double check that you are purchasing the most-recent version of any particular model. Ocean Kayaks are usually sold with the date listed along with the product name, but it’s definitely something to look for. With that being said, Ocean Kayak offers many great models with rich feature sets. All available models can be seen on the Ocean Kayak website, but below you’ll find an overview of some of the more popular and best-selling models. These kayaks are available through select local dealers, and sold by Ocean Kayak directly through Amazon.

Prowler 13 Angler

Prowler 13 Fishing kayak side and top view
Prowler 13 Angler

The Prowler 13 Angler from Ocean Kayak has been one of the best-selling, and also best-reviewed, products offered by Ocean Kayak for some time now. This model is designed with the needs of fishermen in mind, with such features as the Comfort Plus seat back, over-sized tank well, and a transducer-compatible scupper. The Prowler 13 Angler one of the best fishing kayaks for the price, and with the installation of the Ocean Kayak rudder system—it is even considered a competitor to much more expensive kayaks with foot-peddle systems. This craft is 13’4″ long, 28″ wide, and has a maximum capacity of 450 pounds. It comes in a variety of colors, although the brown camo version seems to be the most-popular among fisherman.

Malibu Two Tandem Kayak

Malibu Tandem Kayak by Ocean Kayak
Malibu Tandem Kayak

The Ocean Kayaks’ Malibu series has been one of their best-selling non-fishing kayaks for years, and is a favorite of many looking for a casual watercraft. The tandem seating of the Malibu Two offers a great experience from couples, parents, and children, or just friends looking to make some waves together! This kayak features convenient side-carry handles, gear straps, a skid plate, and overlapping foot wells. The Malibu is 12′ long, 34″ wide, and have a maximum capacity of 425 pounds. For those looking for a fun and simple kayak to share some fun times on the water, you’ll be hard pressed to find a better choice than the Malibu Two.

Caper Angler

Camo Caper Angler Fishing Kayak by Ocean Kayak
Caper Angler in Camo

The Ocean Kayak Caper Angler is a fishing kayak that is offers a smaller design for those fisherman looking for a craft capable of performing well on the water, but not necessarily needed to carry excessive amounts of gear. This kayak is great for short-duration adventuring, and is considered to be very stable with a size of 11′ in length, 31″ in width, and a maximum capacity of 325 pounds. Again, the brown camo version of this model is by far the most popular among anglers, but it is also available in an urban camo. The Caper Angler features a ComfortPlus seat, tank well with bungee cords, flush-mounted rod holders, and a click seat hatch to protect valuables. All in all, this fishing kayak is a great design for the money, and offers a much desired short-design sought by many for the ease of transport.

Prowler Big Game II

Prowler Big Game II Fishing kayak Perspective picture
Prowler Big Game II

Last, but  certainly not least, is the Prowler Big Game II Fishing Kayak which is considered to be Ocean Kayaks best option for serious anglers. This kayak is designed for anglers that need a high capacity fishing kayaks for extended excursions on the water. This design features the convenient location of six mounting brackets throughout the vessel, which helps avoid drilling custom holes into the hull to accommodate unique requirements. The Prowler Big Game II features the Element Seating System, large bow hatch with click seal cover, a transducer-compatible scupper, the Mod Pod center hatch, and a convenient battery bag. This design comes in at 12’9″ in length, 34″ in width, and has a maximum capacity of 600 pounds. This fishing kayak is the highest quality and best combination of features and design that can be found for the price. Professional anglers around the world continue to choose the Prowler Big Game II without regret.

Where to Buy

Ocean Kayak products are available from certain specialty local dealers, and can on occasion be found through larger regional retailers such as Gander Mountain. To find a local dealer near you, check out the dealer locator page on the Ocean Kayak website. These products are not available directly from the Ocean Kayak website, but can be purchased directly through Amazon—where nearly all of the products are available at the lowest prices on the market.


Kayaks are no small purchase, and before you lay down your money you want to be sure you’re buying a quality product that suits your needs well. Professional anglers choose to use ocean kayaks for quality, rich feature availability, and unique focus on the needs of fishing. Short of finding a bargain buy from a local dealer—usually for damaged products—purchasing the model you want directly through Amazon is the recommended way to save money.

Ocean Kayaks
Ocean Kayak is a company dedicated to quality products built with a purpose. They offer many recreational models such as the Malibu, as well as stand up paddleboards. They are most well known for their fishing kayaks such as the Prowler Big Game II, and are recommended and used by professional anglers around the world.
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