eMotion Kayaks have a mission of keeping things simple, making the selection process of kayaks and fishing kayaks as simple as possible for buyers. What this means, is that there aren’t a complex web of feature inclusions between different models. eMotion Kayaks build quality feature-rich products as a starting point, and then adds certain additional features or design choices to select models to distinguish them.

eMotion: Solid Quality & Great Prices

This company makes a long line of kayak products including canoes, paddleboards, sit-in kayaks, sit-on-top kayaks, and even fishing kayaks. eMotion is well-known largely for the the quality of fishing kayak that they produce, with such products as the Renegade XT—considered to be the best fishing kayak by many hobbyists. These products have been used by professionals and hobbyists around the world for years, have gotten excellent reviews, and are offered at very affordable prices. With attention to detail and the use of high quality materials and manufacturing processes, eMotion Kayaks are among some of the best available on the market today. Noteworthy however, is that eMotion explicitly states on the website that their products are not for use in in white-water conditions.

Lightweight & Feature Rich Design

eMotion Kayaks continue their focus on simplicity, focusing on the entire process of getting your kayak from storage onto the water. By designing easy carrying features, super lightweight hulls, and molded-in features rather than bolt-on—these kayaks are as simple and lightweight to manage as they come. These kayaks fall into a medium price range, and still offer many features that more expensive brands have. While the features vary from model to model, eMotion is generally known for the inclusion of the following features among their products:

Self-Bailing Scupper Holes

Scupper holes are among some of the most useful additions to any kayak, and help to regulate the amount of water that is taken on into the craft. These holes allow for on-board water to easily find it’s way back into the body of water you are sitting on. Some brands offer scupper accommodation for the mounting of electronics such as fish finder transducers, but eMotion does not. While the omission of such featues is viewed by many as a disadvantage, if you aren’t planning to mount such devices to your kayak—it’ll only save you money!

Built in Storage

Many fishing kayaks, along with other kayks, have some accommodation for on-board storage. While many sit-in style kayaks simply allow the under-neath storage of items, eMotion kayaks offer specialized storage features such as click lid hatches, molded storage areas, and often feature such areas on both the front and rear of their products. These features allow fisherman to easily accommodate their tackle, rods, and other sensitive items that may need to remain dry. Also, it’s nice to know you’ll have somewhere to keep your lunch dry on those longer trips!

Locking Paddle Storage

Anyone familiar with kayaks—of any kind—has certainly realized that paddles are an integral part of the experience. However, as useful as these portable propulsion devices are, they can often be a bit tricky to manage when not actively using them. Anglers, for example, spend a lot of time using their fishing poles, and baiting hooks—which makes it difficult to handle loose paddles at the same time. eMotion Kayaks offer locking paddle storage to secure paddles during times like this, which allows fisherman to be confident their paddles will not be lost. Also, this feature is regarded by many buyers as being extremely useful during the transport of their kayaks, as the don’t have to worry about the paddles flying around on bumpy roads.

Shock Cord Bungee Straps

Seen in many kayaks, bungee cord strap systems are among some of the most-popular means of securing cargo while on the water. While many brands seen to weave in a few cords just to say they include them, eMotion takes it a step further and offers cargo net solutions. These nets are able to cover entire storage areas to secure gear, and are suitable for securing smaller items that would normally fall through webbed cord systems. This features isn’t available on every product from eMotion, but is seen in many of the sit-on-top designs and fishing kayak designs.

stealth angler fishing kayak

Stealth Angler

Something For Everyone

eMotion Kayaks are focused on the needs and demands of their customers, and offer feature rich designs to cater to nearly every need. As stated above, eMotion doesn’t recommend their products for use by those in white water conditions—describing their use best suited for slow-moving bodies of water and lakes. Aside from that general restriction, eMotion offers a very rich line of products for just about every other use. Their stand up paddleboards are great for those seeking a fun way to explore or exercise, their sit-in kayaks accommodate high maneuverability usage, and their fishing kayaks offer a great advantage to those fisherman seeking hard-to-reach areas rarely seen by other people. The eMotion product line is pretty extensive, but below you’ll find a brief description of some of their best-reviewed and best-selling products available.

Stealth Angler 11′

Stealth Angler Fishing Kayak

Stealth Angler 11′

The eMotion Stealth Angler 11′ is one of their best selling designs, catering to the unique demands of fishermen. The Stealth fishing kayak is features front and rear storage areas, secured by a cord system and a meshed net. In addition, the Stealth also features a water-proof storage area in front of the seating area, which has their Solace Storage Hatch regulating access to the below-deck storage. This model also features the eMotion CRS UltraLite seating system which folds down for extra space when needed. The Stealth also includes molded-in carry handles, molded in foot wells, UV resistant polyethylene materials, and built in rod holders to make rod management easy. This product is 11′ in length, 30″ wide, weighs 59 pounds, and has a maximum capacity of 300 pounds. Priced in the low-medium range for fishing kayaks, the Stealth Angler is recommended for beginner and intermediate anglers looking to up their adventures, and is considered by many to be the best fishing kayak for the money spent.

Spitfire 9′

Spitfire 9 Kayak

Spitfire 9′

The Spitfire fishing kayaks series is arguably the most popular among the non-fishing kayaks offered by eMotion, and has been well-reviewed and popular for years. The Spitfire also comes in an 8′ model, the Spitfire 8, which is sometimes bought for the extra ease in transportation. Many people have found that while roof-racks and specialized carrying equipment are needed for many kayaks, shorter models are able to actually fit inside many larger SUVs and Vans. The Spitfire 9′ comes equip with the eMotion CRS padded seat, a rear tankwell with bungee straps for securing gear, molded in footwells and side carry handles, front and rear handles for ease of transportation, and also includes the self-bailing scupper hole designs to regulate the removal of water that is taken on. This product in 9′ in length, 31″ in width, weighs only 45 pounds, and has a maximum capacity of 350 pounds. The Stealth 9 is priced in the low-medium range and is well-suited for beginner operators not seeking whitewater use, and simply looking to explore waterways for short excursions.

Spitfire Tandem 12′

Spitfire Tandem kayak in Yellow

Spitfire Tandem Kayak

Seen by many as an extension of the popular Spitfire models, the Spitfire 12′ offers a tandem experience for those adventurers seeking a partner in crime. This models offers two eMotion CRS quick release seating systems for each occupant, front and rear storage, a skeg wheel for added ease of transport, four carrying handles, and  even includes a single Solace Storage Hatch place in front of the rear passenger for added storage. This model includes the durable polyethylene hull design which is highly UV-resistant, and is offered is several different colors—although their bright yellow model is certainly the most-popular. The Spitfire Tandem 12′ in length, 35″ in width, weighs 90 pounds, and has a maximum capacity of 500 pounds. This kayak is Priced as a low-medium range and is perfect for beginners looking to explore waterways, lakes, or other slow-moving bodies of water together.

Where to Buy

eMotion Kayaks are very popular products among outdoor adventurers, and are therefore reasonably-easy to find at local dealers. REI has been know to keep a few models in stock, and other, larger specialty outdoors stores may also carry these products. To find a dealer near you, check out the dealer locator page on the eMotion website. eMotion does not sell their kayaks directly from the website, but they are available for direct purchase through the eMotion Amazon store.

well-suited for hobbyist fishermen that just want to get out on the water without draining their bank accounts completely

Kayaks are no small purchase, and the buying process should be undertaken with a keen eye on features and quality. eMotion Kayaks have been among the leading beginner and intermediate level kayaks on the market for their consideration of features, quality, and affordability. While the fishing kayaks offered by eMotion may lack some of the features of more professional models, they are well-suited for hobbyist fishermen that just want to get out on the water without draining their bank accounts completely.

eMotion Kayaks
eMotion Kayaks are some of the best kayaks on the market for beginner and intermediate level adventurers and fishermen. Their fishing kayaks offer a rich feature set not often seen by brands of a similar price, and have been very well-reviewed and popular for years. Overall, this company offers excellent products at very affordable prices.
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